Features of Bitdefender Central: Is it a reliable antivirus?

Despite the breakthroughs and new frontiers initiated by the Internet, no one is still safe from identity theft, malware and other cybercrimes. No matter how strong your passwords are, you are still likely to be targeted by cybercriminals lurking in the shadows. They can steal your sensitive information and use them for malicious acts, which directly puts your security on the line. 

Luckily, the launch of various antivirus programs has helped internet users mitigate hacking risks. This includes Bitdefender Central, reliable antivirus software with extra security features designed to protect your data from ill-intentioned acts. However, how does it differ from other antiviruses you can find online? What are its features that make it worthy of a monthly subscription?

Take a look at the features of Bitdefender Central below:


There’s no denying that online shopping has made lives convenient in the United States. Gone are the days when you had to fall in long lines, run to a shop before it closes for the day and jump from one store to another just to find what you’re looking for. Now, with just a few clicks, you can have your items delivered right to your doorstep in a matter of days. 

However, online shopping has become a double-edged sword. It is the perfect opportunity for criminals to steal your data and banking information. 

Fortunately, Bitdefender Central offers a SafePay feature that protects you when making purchases online. Through a sandbox, the program creates a separate platform from other web browsers like Safari or Google Chrome. When your browsers are affected by malware, your data will remain encrypted and protected. 

Safepay’s features also include a password manager, tab view and bookmarks. You can be guaranteed that you are visiting websites which won’t put your information at risk.

File shredder

Some people are hesitant to sell their devices out of fear that the new user might still recover their deleted files. This is especially true when everything—credit card details, personal data and work-related files—is stored on your computer. If ever the new person successfully accesses them, then you’re going to be in trouble. 

Luckily, Bitdefender has a File Shredder feature. It permanently deletes private videos and documents, helping you protect your information even if you don’t possess your device anymore. But how does it exactly work? It uses a special algorithm that overwrites the data to make your files impossible to access and recover. So, if you’re planning to sell your hard drive or personal computer, you can be assured that no one will ever use your information for their gain.

Webcam and microphone protection

There’s this common paranoia among internet users that someone always watches them. Whether you’re watching YouTube videos or scrolling through your Instagram feed, there’s this disturbing feeling that a hacker miles away from you is checking your internet activity. You can’t shake this feeling that someone might be overhearing your conversations in an attempt to use your data against you.

This fear is valid since hackers and certain programs can access your monitor and snoop on your activities using advanced software. However, installing Bitdefender comes with reliable webcam security and microphone protection. The program ensures that no unauthorized user can access your microphone and camera without your permission. Sure, you can always cover your webcam with tape, but silencing your microphone is almost impossible to do on your own. 

Specifically, the feature is called Webcam Filter. It will notify you when an application tries to access your mic or camera, especially the ones that use video conferencing. The feature also caters to people who are not that tech-savvy since it’s incredibly convenient to set up. You can customize the settings and read detailed pop-up notifications where it clearly says which apps are making attempts to access your camera. 

Parental control

The internet, despite its advantages in many aspects, has its downsides as well. It is filled with inappropriate and traumatising content that can be accessed by your children when you’re not looking. And if you have a full-time job in the United States and loads of responsibilities, you can’t just spend your day supervising your child’s internet activity. 

Thankfully, Bitdefender’s parental control feature is now within reach. It works on various platforms such as iOS, macOS, Android and Windows. In just a couple of clicks, you get the chance to choose the websites you want to block and check your kid’s screen time on the device you’re using. If it’s a smartphone, you can also access phone contacts and locations. 


Have you ever wondered why all the advertisements you see on your social media profiles are somehow related to yesterday’s online purchases? When you bought a scooter in an online shop, you see lots of scooter ads on your Facebook wall. Your Instagram feed is bombarded with customized bracelets after buying one for your friend’s birthday. This seems creepy in every way, so how do you make it stop and protect your activity from snoopers?

Although most people are unaware of it, companies don’t keep it a secret that they track you using cookies and third-party scripts. One of the best solutions is Bitdefender’s anti-tracker. With this, you can prevent unauthorized third parties from tracking every move you make on the Internet.

To get started, all you have to do is install the anti-tracker ad-on straight to your browser. After enabling the feature, it will block websites from harvesting your data when doing online shopping or reading The New Yorker articles. It’s also customizable, which means that you can still enable website analytics but prevent social media tracking. 


The main difference between Bitdefender Central from other anti-software programs in the United States is it offers VPN services. It is truly convenient since you won’t have to pay an additional fee on top of the usual rate. When you opt for Bitdefender, you can already start using VPN in an instant!

Bitdefender VPN offers a total of 1,300 servers in more than 48 countries all over the world. This means that you can watch all the TV shows and movies on Netflix US and other streaming sites that are not available in your country. Without geographical restrictions, your entertainment choices will become much wider and more diverse. In addition, you can turn on the kill switch if your internet connection to VPN servers is hampered.

Another advantage of this feature is the VPN is automatically enabled when your device connects to a public WiFi network. It also has split tunnelling which lets you remove chosen websites from the VPN traffic. 

However, keep in mind that if you buy Bitdefender’s cheaper version, the VPN might not come with complete features. You will only have 200 MB of data per day, which is not ideal if you have to access blocked content in your area for work or personal purposes. Make sure that you buy the VPN separately to get unlimited data and complete attributes.

Various profiles

There are situations where annoying pop-ups would ruin your entire day. For instance, you’re doing a great presentation in front of your bosses that could potentially grant you a promotion. Everything was going well, but all of a sudden, your hopes and dreams were nearly crushed by a pop-up notification that made your laptop’s performance slow down. 

With this, Bitdefender has found a solution. In some cases, you may want some kind of privacy but you don’t want to entirely disable the antivirus. Now, you can set up different profiles so you can freely do your tasks without possible interruptions. 

Take a look at its different modes:

  • Movie profile – blocks notifications, alerts and pop-ups when you’re watching a film so you can enjoy what’s on the screen.
  • Game profile – minimizes background monitoring to avoid system issues or errors.
  • Battery mode profile – disables background monitoring to save battery life.
  • Public wifi profile – enables network protection to avoid unsafe public wifi networks from accessing your personal information.

Make sure to turn on automatic switching to using a specific profile when launching programs or websites. For example, you visit a coffee shop and wish to use their WiFi. your device will automatically switch to public wifi profile which allows you to browse the Internet safely.

Customer support

One of the reasons why Bitdefender remains one of the most reliable antivirus solutions is because of its customer support. If you ever encounter an issue, you can send them an email, use the live chat feature and read through the community forums. It also has a worldwide phone number with 24/7 service, allowing you to address concerns in a matter of minutes. 

With these features offered by Bitdefender Central, there’s no denying that the antivirus solutions it provides are suited to your needs. 

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